Steps fall into the footprints of times past when you were successful and effort seemed effortless. The irony, you realize, is that in all your efforts to recreate your old self, you’re just copying the mundane that hasn’t been original for years. The exciting things you do seem forced and the greatest real excitement lies in finishing homework before midnight or getting to sleep in an extra hour.

It’s a good thing humans don’t come equipped with a “restore to default settings” button or we’d never get anywhere.

Those moments of grace when connection seems real and every sense feels alive

pull the atoms of my fading body into reluctant concert as we seek

to live, to embrace light, to practice resurrection.


About Leil_ish

I am restless and intensely curious about almost everything that most people don't care about.
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1 Response to Default

  1. burtis3 says:

    For the love of Pete, write a book! You’re brilliant and this is great stuff! Continue to be “intensely curious,” that is a gift from the Father. This is awesome…I’m going to waste an entire day reading all this!

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