Two middle-aged balding men sit in the corner, hunched over mugs of what they’re content to pretend is something manly. I wonder, is this where they meant to be when they were young with heads full of ideas and ambition and hair? They sit gathering dust and pollen and vitamin D in prematurely humid April air, like men, like what they need to be, like people who can accomplish things, but here we are in Arkansas and their hair is gone and their drinks are cold and maybe the fire in their chests was always all for naught.

(What I’m most afraid of is that I’ll grow cold and bored and lose my wanderlust and wonderlust, that I’ll never be able to reclaim the dreams I tenderly nursed when I was young and they were impossible)


About Leil_ish

I am restless and intensely curious about almost everything that most people don't care about.
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2 Responses to

  1. Angela says:

    You, my dear, will never lose your wander/wonderlust….or your hair!

  2. abitjuakali says:

    I get that fear as well – that you’ll be somehow lost in some culdesac and forget about all that you love…however, not everyone ends up quietly sitting still in some suburb forever. there is hope đŸ˜€

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